Arriving in China

What to do after arriving in China

by The Panda Team 14/04/2017

Finding an apartment

So now that you’ve arrived in China, you need to find a place to live. The school you are working for should provide you with an apartment or a stipend. If you are teaching at a college, then they will likely provide you with an apartment. Though not huge, the apartment usually have plenty of room for a single person. If it is not to your liking, you can ask for a stipend instead and move an apartment of your own choosing. You should ask your employer for information when it comes to finding an apartment.

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Which type of school should you teach at in China?

by The Panda Team 14/04/2017

Teaching in College and Universities (Public & Private)

Teaching at a college or University is ideal for someone whose primary motivation in coming to China is to experience the place and people, learning Chinese, traveling, starting a business, or just wanting to have a lot of free time. The work hours are relatively low compared teaching in other institutions. You don’t need a degree in English or teaching. You just need to be a native English speaker.

For most universities, there are 16 to 20 hours of class per week and four months of paid vacation: January, February, July, and August. Classes are generally an hour and a half. You will probably not have more than two such classes each day. There are people who only work two days a week and spend the rest of their time traveling. Lesson planning will have to be done outside of class, but once you get better at it, lesson planning will be easier and take up less and less of your time.

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City in China

Which city in China should you choose to live in?

by The Panda Team 14/04/2017

For many people, one of the most important factor that goes into choosing a job is location. Whether you prefer a large, medium, or a small-sized city is entirely dependent on the person. I will offer some pros and cons of different city types so you can decide on which type of city you prefer more.

City Tier

In China, every city belongs to a certain tier level. First tier cities are the most developed cities each with population over 10 million people. For that reason, there are more job offers and expats in these cities. There are also more services catering to foreigners such as restaurants, shopping districts, and products. Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Guangzhou would all be considered first tier. If you don’t like crowded cities, then you might prefer tier two and tier three cities. Tier 1 cities also tend to be more polluted than the smaller cities.

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Minimum Requirements for Teaching in China

by The Panda Team 10/04/2017

If you want to teach in China, there are at least 3 basic requirements you should meet:

  • You should have a bachelor’s degree
  • You are a native English speaker
  • You have 2 years of relevant job experience (teaching)
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